Customer Spotlight: Graduate Tonasia Johnson

Customer Spotlight: Graduate Tonasia Johnson

"Its finally over!"

These are the words spoken by nearly every graduate after completing their 4+ years of struggle we call college. It’s been a little over six months since Tonasia Johnson walked across the stage and here we are approaching the final days of 2016. We sat down with Tonasia to catch up with her about life after graduation and to dish out her experience shooting with Steven G.

"It was the worst and the best years of my life," Tonasia expressed, reminiscing on her college years. She then elaborated by saying some of her biggest obstacles to overcome was procrastination, and budgeting. "Waiting until the last minute to finish an assignment just didn't work. That was one of the hardest things I had to realize and quickly get over." Senior year started rough but soon eased up for her. "First semester was so hard, but as soon as second semester hit it was a walk in the park. It was lit," she said. Tonasia had the game down. She did what was necessary to earn that lovely document that would represent all of her hard work, sweat, tears, and gas mileage.

May 7th 2016, Tonasia received her Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) from University of Central Missouri. As a friend, I personally could not have been more proud of her. This was a huge accomplishment and staple event in her life.  Early March, Tonasia reached out to me to take her graduation portraits. I was just as excited for her to shoot them as she was. "These photos will be something to remember, a sign of accomplishment," said Tonasia. I was eager to play my part.

We asked Tonasia to describe her experience with Steven G and she said, " No lie, Steven is by far one of the best photographers in Kansas City, MO! I am no model by any means and shooting with him I felt like one. (lol) He gives great direction and is able to make your vision come to life. I could be silly, laid back, and secure. I knew I was in good hands. He is quick and efficient. I received my pictures within a week just in time for our graduation announcements. So if you need grad pictures he's the guy! If you have not booked him I do not know why. This dude is really dope!"I could not have been more flattered to hear those words. I was appreciative for the trust she had in me and the opportunity. 

Tonasia, now a graduate, understands the next step. "Life after college is a hustle, a grind to the end. It's only the beginning,” Tonasia stated. Tonasia plans to find a job to make a decent living and then go back to school to get her Masters in Social Work. 

Thank you so much Tonasia for speaking with us and we appreciate you for booking Steven G Photography. See you at the next degree!

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