Artist Spotlight: Marcus Yates

Artist Spotlight: Marcus Yates

Everything dealing with music has been around me since I was a toddler. It was just a matter of grasping it. It’s been a part of me ever since” - Marcus Yates

He went from making beats, to putting together albums, and then choreographing videos. He’s got a list of titles, but his name is Marcus Yates (formerly known as Oobergeek). Marcus’ talents include, but are not limited to, producing, engineering, rapping, singing, and designing. This multi-gifted individual has had many opportunities to showcase his greatness and being featured on Tech N9nes “I love music,” with Kendrick Lamar, is just one of them. However, if you ever meet him it is highly likely that he will be cracking jokes rather than speaking on his list of accomplishments. 

In the past few years, Marcus created a variety of projects but his latest is a three song EP that he released on SoundCloud. "R.A.T.S.", an acronym for Random Ass Three Song, is the product of songs he created over the past three years. The album he released before R.A.T.S was in 2013. When asked about the big gap in his releases, Marcus responded with, “I took a break because I felt like I was trying too hard. I didn’t want to wear out my welcome on the Internet. If people hear too much of you (constantly) they get bored and go on to the next person.”

Even in his three-year absence, Marcus still managed to stay on the scene and keep himself busy. He is Krizz Kaliko’s hypeman and currently producing a seven song EP for Tech N9ne. Marcus also helped choreograph Krizz’ “Talk Up On It” video (which was recorded in the Kansas City Union Station), as well as co-wrote a song for Nickelodeon’s Megan Lee. “Working with artists is like working with anybody. I don’t treat anybody differently based on if they have money or not. It’s about who can get the job done creatively,” Marcus declared. Many of the opportunities he has had are a result of the relationships he has built over the years. “When you build meaningful relationships with people it does pay off creatively. As we continue to grow, it opens up opportunities for others to grow as well.”

The young Kansas City Native is far from done. Aside from touring and producing, Marcus is expecting to release a later project before the year is up. His answer was easy when we inquired on where he drew his inspiration, “Literally any living thing/person. I'm an observer first, so that works in my favor to come up with ideas on whatever I'm creatng. I can stare at a wall and get inspired.” He is always working and coming up with different ideas for collaborations/projects.

Marcus has his hand in almost everything and so we asked about the bigger picture. What is it that he really wanted to achieve? His answer, “I just want to be a mogul, to be able to support my family. I want to create music, fashion, movies, all of that. Music is just my way in. I’m just taking what life gives me.” 

We, at Steven G. Photography, are looking forward to what he does next.


Contributing Writer: Fohni Wright