Team Highlight: Contributing Writer Fohni Wright

Team Highlight: Contributing Writer Fohni Wright

“The soul of the world is nourished by people’s happiness.”

Fohni Wright is a firm believer in doing what makes her happy. Writing is one of those small joys. When asked why this was her favorite quote she answered,I think some people look for their happiness in worldly things, but it starts within yourself. Finding the joy in the simple things can make your world that much more enjoyable.”

Fohni began writing when she was in the fourth grade. “It started out as little books I’d write in composition journals and then once I entered middle school I began writing stories on Facebook.” Her audience, her peers. “I always want to write stories that appeal to the reader. Even if they (readers) can’t relate to the situation in the story, they can relate to the character in some type of way.”

One of her biggest joys comes from having some of her writing published in a book titld The Flaws of Perfection by Anita Ray. The book was written by one of her old high school teachers who gave Fohni a chance to write a few scenes. “She would call me and talk to me about certain details. We would play off of each other’s creativity and to see it all together in the form of an actual book really inspired me,” Fohni stated.

Even though Fohni has been writing for many years, it is not something she sought as a career. When entering the University of Missouri, she started out studying Early Childhood Education. After that she tried Communications. It wasn’t until the beginning of her Junior year at Mizzou that she declared English as her major. “English has always been my favorite subject. Not the punctuation or grammar but actually reading and writing. I don’t know why it took that long for the lightbulb to go off in my head, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Her writing style/schedule is as free as she is. “My best writing comes from sporadic ideas. When I force myself to write it doesn’t come out as genuine, or enjoyable, to me.” Fohni likes to do things on her terms and to allow an idea to form fully before she acts on it. She writes a variety of things, but tends to favor romance. “I am a huge fan of black love. I believe in it and want others to believe in it too,” she expressed. As of right now the only place you can see her writing is here at Steven G. Photography, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve. “I don’t have a website anymore. It was not for me, but I am working on something.”

Contributing Writer: Fohni Wright