It Started With A White Tee- Men's Fall Lookbook

It Started With A White Tee- Men's Fall Lookbook

Fall is here fellas... What you rockin?

Men's Fall Fashion Looknook

Growing up as an young urban artsy kid, I loved fashion. Everything about it. Especially fall fashion. I was always a fan of layers, jackets, sweaters, and hats. However, growing up my fashion "sense" couldn't always match my fashion "cents". Especially when I became of age and was exposed to designer fashion. Therefore, a lot of what I would want to wear I couldn't afford. This forced me to be creative and push my style abilities. 

I then soon became hip to thrifting. Thrift shopping was like going Easter egg hunting as a kid and finding the eggs that had the actual good candy in it, name brand and all instead of the ones with the hard nasty off brand jelly beans from the dollar store everybody hate but still for some reason buy. That's neither here nor there, my point is... it's lit. Soon I then found my closet to be full of clothes 60% thrifted. I'll be posting another style blog post soon about thrifting and my take aways from it. But moving forward, I can say, yo... My closet no longer consist of more than 50% white tees. If you're a young male in the black community then you already know about the infamous "white tee".

The White Tee... The iconic staple piece you HAD to have at least 10-15 fresh pair for a month. At least for me. Sadly, to this day I can say I own over 100 white tees from crew necks to v-necks & I'll still go purchase another one knowing I have about 5 clean ones on top of my washing machine I just took out the dryer I haven't fold and a couple I let air dry. Either way it goes, the white tee can go a LONG WAYS & we've mastered putting fits together with solely a white tee.

So thats what inspired this post and this lookbook. In this lookbook you'll see multiple looks all styled based on a simple white t-shirt. I'm no fashion stylist but I have a love and a passion for the game. So I took this opportunity to showcase multiple ways to rock a simple white tee. Fellas, I know it can be hard sometimes stepping out the box and throwing on that suit, or finding yourself investing in a pair of chelsea boots. But listen, bruh... Its worth it! Y'all seen the posts on Facebook and IG, Ladies love a man that can do both. So why not switch it up every now and then and get fly for an occasion? And look... You can do it all with a white tee. Shout out to my bro Neko Fields for coming through and modeling for me and letting me use some of his clothing to put this lookbook together! Stay tuned... Theres more juice to follow.

All looks styled and shot by the kid, Steebo, Steven G, (Me basically).

Leave comments below and let me know what you think. How would have rocked the white tee? Where can you find the most solid white tee?