Street Style Spotlight: Neffy Alexandria

Street Style Spotlight: Neffy Alexandria

If you were to ask anyone what fashion is to them, most would say staying up to date on the latest styles, being original, and looking fly at all times. While all this may be true, for some individuals it dives deeper than just looking fly.  For Neffy Alexandria it’s an extension of her personal growth in life combined with her desire to push the envelope.

Artist, stylist, nudist, and model are some words that describe Neffy Alexandria. The nineteen-year-old woman based in Georgia is well known for her social media presence along with her unique sense of style. Her style derives from a number of sources, which all ties into who she is as a spiritual being. I got a chance to sit down with the young creative and touch on subjects on how she developed her style, modeling, and how most people react to her style of fashion.

When did you start your journey into the fashion scene? Who were your influences at the time?

  • “I started exploring deeper into fashion around my sophomore year in high school. I was 16 and I listened to a lot of rock and metal which influenced me to try different things as far as how I dressed or the style of my hair. I also watched people like FKA Twiggs and Tyler The Creator. To see the impact they had with their music as well as fashion really just fascinated me.”

How would you define your style? How do people usually react to your outfits?

  • “A combination of alternative and grunge definitely. I do a lot of glam styled makeup which usually causes my looks to stand out more. I always dress how I feel, if what I wear doesn’t feel right then I won’t wear it. As far as the reactions I get…there is always a mixture of responses from “What the f**k?” to some people saying they love my look and think it’s unique. It’s kind of like art, how you see my style is subjective."

Did modeling in any way affect your style?

  • “Modeling more so affected me more than it did my style. I had started with runway modeling, and soon afterwards I found out that wasn’t me at all. After that is when I found out print modeling fits me perfectly. It helps me more actively express my ideals and art. Being a nudist print modeling helps let me show the body in an artistic form and not as taboo.”

What’s in your closet that you’ve found yourself wearing a lot lately? Is there anything you wish to add to your wardrobe?

  • “I’ve been wearing a lot of colors…like pinks, tans, and greens. Which is different from my usual black. I’m trying to add some body harnesses (I loooove body harnesses), platforms, grills, and more silver in general to be honest. I’ve got to accessorize more.”

What’s some advice you could give to anyone trying to find their own style?

  • “Don’t let anyone tell you what looks good or what will work for you. Fashion is art and art is subjective. Take influence from things around you whether that be music, people, nature, or fashion shows. Take what you see and find a way to make it your own. Oh, and have thick skin. People will judge you and talk about you. Learn to not care what people say and be great.”

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Post Author & Photojournalist: Kendrick Carter