StreetStyle Spotlight: Jeron West

StreetStyle Spotlight: Jeron West

Fashion is always in constant flux, whether it be new trends forming or old trends being reinvented for today’s new generation of fashion influencers and trendsetters. Recently we sat and talked with Jeron West (@localjerry), the man leading the forefront of Albany State University's fashion scene. Want to know what the funny thing about fashion is? It’s always changing, this means staying ahead of the wave and continuing to add to or change your personal style. And then you have the one’s that just don’t care. That’s where Jeron West falls in.

Jeron West, 19, is a style influencer, creative, and brand owner currently attending Albany State University. Locally he is known as the owner of a brand/collective known as Trubled Yuth, but aside from the brand his style presence is well-known. I got the chance to sit down with the young creative and dive into the origins of his style, the direction of his brand, as well as staple pieces in his wardrobe for the summer.

How were you introduced into fashion? When?

"Since middle school man I always viewed style as an expression of self. I gained an interest in making a statement without saying a word. And ma dukes kept me fresh and clean as a youngin'. So, once I started dressing myself I really knew no other way."

How do you describe your style?

"Vintage and dynamic. I get bored easily, so I try not to limit myself to a certain style or look. I dig trying new things, but mainly I’m into clothes that look like they could have come out of a "Fresh Prince" episode or a 90s-hip-hop video. Stuff you'll never find in the mall. I thrift regularly."

What is Trubled Yuth? What direction do you see it heading?

"Trubled Yuth is a clothing line and art collective that I started in 2016. It’s basically for the kids who have talent and stand out as individuals artistically. I want to see it grow into an outlet for young people to express themselves through fashion, music, art, etc. I just want everyone to eat."

What pieces of clothing do you feel will be staples for the summer?

"Sleeveless shirts and sandals."

Name one piece of clothing you want to cop in the future. Why?

"Red Supreme x Louis Vuitton bandana or the denim jacket. I gotta feed my inner hypebeast more."

It was a pleasure speaking with and capturing images of this style icon in the making. Who do you know has dope street style and should be featured on Steven G. Photography? Is it you? Send us an email, comment below, or hashtag your favorite street style looks on Instagram using hashtag #SGPStreetStyle. 

Post Author & Photojournalist: Kendrick Carter