Street Style Spotlight: Tim Harrington

Street Style Spotlight: Tim Harrington

So, the other day I was scrolling through Instagram and I stumbled across some photos from Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN Tour. And the first thought that came to mind, aside from the regret of not going, was how fly this man was the whole tour.  With help from Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo, well-known fashion designer/stylist, Lamar’s “Kung-Fu Kenny” persona was captured perfectly to assist with his performances. And if not for Lorenzo’s styling the tour wouldn’t have had the same effect it did in bringing that persona to life.

Wardrobe styling is probably one of the most important job’s in the world of celebrities. News anchors, celebrities, and even the president all have wardrobe stylist that help them to dress for any occasion that may present itself. Whether it be a concert, business meeting, or maybe even a formal you can count on them to have you dressed to impress. And for Tim Harrington he plans to be among those names you can count on to have you looking fly at all times.

Tim Harrington, 26, is a wardrobe stylist based in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. With a personal style he describes as prep-urban, it’s easy to tell why he is a prominent name to be looking out for in the styling world. We were able to take a moment with Tim and learn more about his start into styling, as well as his process into picking the perfect outfit.

What first sparked your interest in wardrobe styling? How did you get your start?

  • “I’ve always been into clothing, but it wasn’t until a friend I met back five years ago peaked my interest more as far as styling goes. I’d say my start with styling began with my college basketball teammates. Before we’d hit the club they’d always ask for my opinions on outfits. The rest is history from there.” 

What would you describe your personal style as?

  • “I’d have to describe my style as “prep-urban”, if that even has a category. This being because I love everything I wear to be tailored or slim fit. In my opinion urban brands worn this way are more acceptable regardless of the occasion/event.”

What is your styling process like?

  • “I honestly don’t have a set map for my approach, but I like to get an understanding that the client is comfortable in what I choose and what preferences they lean toward. Things like straight leg or slim fit denim, traditional collar versus a grandfather collar, etc. are things I like to establish first. After that we can talk color schemes, from which then I offer clothing options for the client to choose from. I offer at the least three options to choose from and hope that they choose my favorite. You have to give multiple options so that the client is able to pick the best fit for the occasion.”

Do you usually style your client off of feeling, the event or do you just run and gun?

  • “I personally like the run and gun method for myself, but of course when things change you have to be able to adapt. Versatility is the key here. You can have something planned for the even and the client could have a “feeling” moments before an event or stage time. You just have to be prepared at all times.”

Deserted Traveler: Photographer Steven Green; Stylist Tim Harrington, Model Chaun Williams Published in Elegant Magazine March issue

How can people book you for a styling consultation?

  • “I can be contacted via email or phone. My email is and my phone number is (816) 726-1159. If you reach out to I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can. Also check out my Instagram for anyone that wants to keep up with me on a day to day basis.”

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