Team Highlight: Photojournalist Kendrick Carter

Team Highlight: Photojournalist Kendrick Carter
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"Every shot has to make sense for me. A piece of my heart and soul is in every shot, so I can't afford to waste that on something that doesn't make sense."

Kendrick Carter, better known as Shogun Carter, was born and raised in the city of Albany, GA. At 21, Shogun has already begun to leave a mark of his own, but plans to up the ante and push the envelope with his work even further. Combining the elements of fashion and cinema the "Good Life City" native delivers crisp and vibrant imagery that not only captures the eye, but also tells a story.

Photos by: B-Jai Avenue

Kendrick first discovered his love for photography while suspended in elementary school. His mother worked for Kodak so he'd often stay with her at the photo lab. Later during his last year of high school while creating with friends, he rediscovered his passion for the camera.

Now on the path to creating a name for himself, Carter works independently while providing clean and professional imagery. And with each image he produces he finds himself learning more about who he is as an artist and what his purpose is in this life. Currently a photojournalist intern for Steven G. Photography, Carter takes vibrant images that highlight street style and tells a story. Stay tuned for more street style post from this talented artist. Be sure to follow his Instagram where he also currently showcases his work.