Men's Fall/Winter Lookbook: Big Guy Edition

Men's Fall/Winter Lookbook: Big Guy Edition

As we enter into the New Year I hope that you have already set your goals and planning to make it your mission to accomplish them all. With this particular lookbook, I was able to cross one of many off my list. My first lookbook was inspired by looks put together with a simple white tee. Check it out here. With this lookbook I wanted to cater to my big guys. As a bigger guy myself, I understand the struggle of fashion and finding stylish clothing. Shopping at trendy stores, they never have your size or have the worst designs known to man.

Overtime I’ve managed to become skilled in the game of shopping for needles in a haystack. No but really, its not an easy task but with a few style tips that I’ll be sharing in another blog post next month, and a keen eye I’ve managed to successfully build my wardrobe with versatile clothing while also maintaining the ability not to spend a couple grand on one or two items. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for investing in those timeless designer or classic pieces, however, it can be done at a minimal.

In these looks you’ll find a mix of classic and trendy pieces that’ll fit any day to night occasion. I wanted to keep it clean with neutral colors but also showcase the benefits of a pop of color. A few tips I’ll share before my next post, fellas, for all fellas… FIND A TAILOR. Tailoring is KEY. You can literally bring life to those old jeans from the “Lean wit it, Rock wit it” days by simply getting them tailored to a more tapered modern style. Also don’t be afraid to accessorize. Accessories bring a look to life. They help tell the story that your first impression wants to write. Lastly, invest in good solid basics. My basics consist of a pair of blue jeans, black jeans, white v neck and crew neck tee, black and/or white turtleneck, a tux, a neutral colored suit, and a classic watch. Everything else just go with it!


Desert Skies

Sweater- ASOS

Overcoat- Goodfellow & Co.

Pants- H&M

Shoes- Aldo

Frames- H&M


Pop of Sun


Leather Jacket- Forever 21 Men

Mandarine Collar Button Up- H&M

Jeans- Old Navy

Shoes- Vans


Jack Daniels

Flannel Jacket- Macy’s

Turtleneck- H&M

Jeans- Old Navy

Loafers- ASOS

Ring- H&M


Secure the Bag

Suit- JCPenny

Sweater- Old Navy

Shoes- Converse


Winter Fresh

Hat- H&M

Blazer- ASOS

Turtleneck- JCPenny

Pants- Adidas

Shoes- Vans


Trappin’ in Aspen

Coat- Goodfellow & Co.

Pants- Old Navy

Boots- ASOS

Frames- H&M

Rings- ASOS ; Amazon

Gold Chain- Gold Gods

Watch- Michael Kors

Which one is your favorite look? Leave a comment below.

Looks styled and photographed by Steven G.

Model: Korey Hollinshed