Kansas City Fashion Week: My First Experience

Kansas City Fashion Week: My First Experience

Amazing... Is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my first Kansas City Fashion Week experience. 


Saturday, closing night, Rumored to be the best show of the week, I was in great anticipation to see what it was all about. Due to my work schedule I wasn't able to attend during the week so this was one I know I had to make it to. 


Although partially the reason for attending was to accompany my partner in fashion, JasmineDiane.com , to capture photos for her publication, I couldn't help but want to enjoy the show in it's entirety. With that being said, I quickly formed a plan with Jasmine to figure out the photos needed so that it could soon become a mission accomplished so that I can relax. Front row, end of the runway, with a Redbull to chase an already empty vodka/tonic, I was ready to enjoy a dope show.


1st designer Architecture  hands down, incredible! Bold shapes, abstract cuts, and vibrant color. So from the gate I was drawn in.


Each designer following after continued to keep me engaged with their unique style and innovative presentations.


I'd have to say though, one of my favorites that stood out was designer Andrea Marie Long of Andrea Marie Long Designsandreamarielong.com ) You'll hear more about her on the blog next month. Stay tuned. Her collection and overall presentation was one for the books. Meeting her after the show it only made sense that her designs were truly a reflection of who she was as a person. Fresh, bold, innovative, and endearing.


 Also Christian Micheal menswear designer whose pieces I'm currently plotting on for my upcoming vacation. I'm a huge coat/jacket person in which he had designs that were a must to have in my closet.


Lastly, Lucia's Sarto By Nataliya Meyer was breathtaking. The detail in each garment was impeccable.


All in all, I'd say my first experience at KCFW was one I will never forget. I will definitely be attending again if not participating behind the lens.